The REVEAL live-streaming media event is designed to bring people together, support brands and provide story opportunities for our friends in the media. Brand representatives and related agencies, jump to the form below to sign up your brand for REVEAL : FALL/WINTER 21-22.



REVEAL is hosted on the ZOOM webinar platform. We moderate and manage the schedule, present brands and their representatives, and field questions from the media in attendance. The schedule will be posted a week prior to the next event.

Presenters are able to feature product images and other assets via screen share, present short video clips, and will also have physical product to demo in the webinar. After the presentations, all of the pertinent product information, media assets, and contact information for each brand will be sent to all registered journalists.



How many media publications have made a commitment to attend REVEAL?

Jump to the Media page and you can see who has been represented in past REVEAL conferences and who has signed up for upcoming events.

Do we have a choice of time slot?

REVEAL is a global event happening in real time and we set up our calendar to best suit all brand presenters wherever they may be broadcasting from. The first day of REVEAL : Outdoor & Cycling spanned 18 time zones within the 6 hours of programming. Brand presentations range from 15-min to an hour depending on what products they are showcasing, how many partner brands they share airtime with, and other content they may chose to share with attending media.

In the event that the COVID-19 situation causes the event to be canceled, will our payment be refunded?

Yes. Note that this event has been designed to be fully virtual, no travel necessary, and done from all of our respective homes. If however, there is a disruption to our online programming, you will be refunded based on the terms of the show agreement.

When’s the deadline for committing to REVEAL : S/S 2021

March 24, so that we have time to help you prep for your brand presentation, test all connections, and most importantly, rehearse your presentation.

What do I need in terms of connection to participate?

You will be able to participate with any connection that provides adequate bandwidth and a machine that can handle ZOOM. We will schedule a time with your brand spokesman in the weeks prior to the event to test all systems and cover any issues that may occur during the test.

What is the cost?

Let’s chat and see how much time you think you’ll need to deliver the best product presentation possible for our editors. Please fill out the form above or jump to the contact page to discuss.