About The Reveal Online Media Conference


ECHOS is a leader in authentic public relations for active lifestyle, outdoor, consumer technology, and cycling brands. ECHOS specializes in media relations, storytelling, social engagement, and brand activations.


REVEAL is hosted on the ZOOM webinar platform. The host and moderator will manage the schedule, present brand representatives, and field questions from the media in attendance. A schedule will be finalized a week prior to the event. Presenters feature product images and other assets via screen share, present short video clips, and will also have physical product to demo in the webinar. After the presentations, all of the pertinent product information, media assets, and contact information for each brand are available for the participating journalists.


EXACT CHANGE is a strategic brand consultancy that executes collaborative, creative endeavors for the mutual benefit of all involved that believes companies, non-profits, and media can benefit from sharing resources, perspective and audiences to achieve their goals and gain new insight. Exact Change provides production and programming support for REVEAL.

OUTSIDEPR bridges brands with core audiences with broader consumer markets. A team of outdoor and endurance enthusiasts who operate at the highest levels of media as storytellers supporting the needs of both their clients and journalists.


Despite the broad impacts of Coronavirus, keeping a degree of continuity is critical because we know we’ll get through this. Some of our favorite brands have big news and amazing products to share for the upcoming season, and we’re excited to bring people together to see what’s new and have a much-needed connection.

REVEAL is an opportunity for brands to share what they’ve been working on for months. Brands that enable and support our outdoor experiences, whether those be on two wheels, two feet, hanging out at the campsite or backyard, and giving us the ability to have the outdoor experiences that we crave.

The REVEAL project was sparked from the postponement/cancellation of many of the in-person events we rely on annually: Sea Otter Classic, Outdoor Retailer and ISPO Outdoor, among others. REVEAL is designed to support the conversations we would have had in a booth, about a product or brand, and the stories that can only surface from a conversation.


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